Coronavirus: French death toll hits five-week low

PARIS (AFP) – The number of daily deaths in France from the coronavirus fell to 166, the health ministry said on Saturday (May 2), the lowest number in more than five weeks.

The total number of Covid-19 deaths in France since March 1 rose, however, to 24,760 – the fourth highest in Europe.

A woman wearing a protective facemask speaks with a seller wearing a mask and shield on May 2, 2020, in Paris.PHOTO: AFP

Pressure on intensive care units eased a bit further, the data showed, with a net decline of 51 patients.

The last time the number of daily reported deaths was below 166 was on March 22, when it represented only those reported by hospitals.

The current figure also includes deaths in elderly care facilities and at home.

The government has announced the country’s strict lockdown will be eased from May 11, but the pace will be slower in harder hit areas such as the greater Paris region and the northeast quarter of the country.

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